Pressure Clean & Seal Your Own Pavers. Save Up To 75%

Buy Professional Grade SG2000 Premium Quality Sealer From Us and Seal Your Own Pavers.

Over 21 years experience as professional paving protection experts.


SOG 2000

Colour being restored with SOG 2000

SOG 2000

SOG 2000 keeps your pavers like new

  • Over 21 years experience available to help you
  • Premium professional applicator grade sealers that you can’t buy in hardware stores.
  • Free instructions on how to seal your pavers like a professional.
  • FREE technical helpline. If you need technical advice with your project just give us a call.

You can order by phone. Call now 9310 3384 

It’s really easy to order your sealer. Give us a call on 9310 3384 and let us know…

1. The make and type of pavers that you have

2. The approximate square metres

We can then tell you how much sealer you will need and what the total cost will be. 

Not sure on what type of pavers you have?

Just email us a photo of your pavers and we should be able to tell you the type of pavers you have. 

Don’t want to seal your own pavers?

If sealing your own pavers is not your thing then we can get one of our professional applicators to seal your pavers for you.

Here’s 3 reasons to buy your paving sealer from us…

#1. We only sell premium grade paving sealers -

Most mass market paving sealers, just like those sold through big hardware stores, contain low levels of acrylic resins and higher levels of thinners (which evaporate and do nothing to protect your pavers).

Our premium SOG 2000 high solids sealer is formulated using high quality resins which protect your pavers for up to 7 years. You’ll be buying the same sealer as used by professional protective coatings specialists who only demand the best. You cannot but this quality of sealer from hardware stores.

#2. Free technical advice on how to seal your pavers -

Sealing your own pavers is really easy once you know how.

As one of our valued customers you will get the benefit of our 21 years experience as professional applicators.

We will provide you with free technical advice on how to seal your pavers like a professional.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Prepare your pavers properly.
  • The correct quantity of sealer you will need.
  • How to apply your sealer.

#3 Free delivery to your door

Let us save you the hassle of a trip to the hardware store. We will deliver your order directly to your door.

Order by phone. Call now 9310 3384

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