Turn Your Concrete Floors Into The
 Look Of Polished Granite With…

Epoxy Granite Flooring




What is Epoxy Granite Flooring?

Epoxy Granite Flooring is an epoxy concrete flooring system that is installed over your existing concrete floors to give them a stunning new seamless granite look.

Epoxy On Granite Flooring transforms your grey and dusty concrete floors into the timeless look and beauty of granite at a very affordable cost.

Discover The Benefits Of Epoxy Granite Flooring…

No Dirty Grout Lines- Epoxy Granite Flooring  is a seamless floor. This means there are no dirt and bacteria attracting grout lines and joins. Imagine never having to clean dirty grout ever again!

Stunning Granite Effect- Epoxy Granite Flooring gives you a beautiful looking granite effect floor that will instantly add beauty and value to your property.

Ultra Hardwearing- Epoxy Granite Flooring  is over three times stronger than regular concrete. Spray O Granite will not crack or chip like floor tiles will or warp like timber.

Stain Resistant- Epoxy Granite Flooring is a sealed flooring system and is resistant to most spillages, solvents and chemicals.

Easier Cleaning- Epoxy Granite Flooring is really easy to keep clean. Just a quick wipe with a micro fibre mop will keep your floors sparkling clean.

Epoxy Granite Crete Flooring is ideal for: Homes, Garages, Shops, Showrooms, Offices and much more.

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